Real estate in Israel, why choose Kiryat Hasharon?

Kiyrat Hasharon is

a new and very pleasant neighborhood to live in, part of the City Hall of Netanya. It has only been around for a little over fifteen years. A few years ago almost no one knew of its existence. It had to be said that you lived next to the Academy this academy frequently receives French speakers.For example: Alain Finkielkraut the famous philosopher who no longer needs to be presented. It also has a section for French and English speaking students.

Today, having developed strongly, this district has become very popular. It is located 5 to 8 minutes from the beach and the Hastmaout kikar by car and 30 minutes on foot. A train station is also accessible on foot which is important if one has to work in Tel Aviv in Ramat Gan or even in Haifa.

The many advantages of Kiryat Hasharon

is that living in a quiet area where children can play outside without problems while having all means of transport and sports nearby. But there are many others. The prices of rents or apartments are lower both at the seaside and in Netanya center. Personally living here for years I see only advantages and no disadvantages.

For foodies I forgot to tell you that there is an excellent ice cream parlor and very good places to eat. Example the Rothschild hide and halavi and the Landwer not kosher the same which is in Namal de Tel -Aviv .. I would only quote these two there .Otherwise the list would be too long to conclude this parenthesis know nevertheless that there is a establishment with an excellet falafel and another with excellent Pizza all on the same kikar Lantos ..

Kiryat Asharon is also…

a green setting with a huge park called sportek with different basketball courts, ping pong tables, sports equipment, games for children. It is the meeting place for children of young and old, young secular and religious families rub shoulders on Shabbat, some come with their picnics, others come to walk with the children towards the swings and other games. Some photos will bear witness to this.

Opposite this park is also open a petrol pump as well as an excellent bakery where you can find very good croissants. And there too there are some establishments offering hamburgers and other foods. A huge store selling almost everything low price Max has also recently opened its doors, which is very practical for the start of the new school year.

Kiryat Asharon also has a park where it is good to walk in winter and summer. Two country clubs with swimming pool and gyms and other activities for women and children such as dancing. But also schools and gan (kindergarten – nurseries)

For those who prefer shopping there are also two shopping centers and soon a 3rd one. An older one with a bank a super market? A very nice hairdresser, a pharmacy, a good dentist, which seems to matter. Because very often in most new neighborhoods there are not all these amenities, there is almost nothing, only concrete and a park for children.

 the other shopping center of Kiryat Hasharon with all the known signs such as Mc Donald, a post office and various excellent koupat holim. All koupat holim are present and accessible on foot.

For those who prefer the spiritual, know that there are more than 10 synagogues in Kyat in Sharon.

In short you will understand that there is everything in Kyrat Hasharon even a cinema everything except the sea. But we are also close to a train station and near the town hall of Netanya which is an advantage for all administrative procedures. And more and more bus and sherout lines serve the neighborhood. For example, bus 15 takes you to the beautiful Poleg beach. And for those who prefer shopping, he drops you off at Ikea or other shopping centers that are next to IKEA.

The value of the apartments

has more than doubled in ten years. However the purchase prices of an apartment in Kiryat Hashron are still significantly lower. Than at the seaside and other places in Netanya since you can already find an apartment for sale with 4 rooms or 3 bedrooms from 1,700,000 shekels in average. Investing in Kyriat Asharon is therefore a good plan, either to come and live there or for the rental yield. An apartment can be rented here between 4 and 5 thousand shekels without problem or even advantages. There are not a lot of apartments [1] to rent on Kiryat and these are easily rented on airbnb. Now you know almost everything about this magnificent district, which is near and at the same time far from the bustle of the city. Do not hesitate to ask us questions if you want to know more.

        Again Immo-kesher offers you more than the acquisition or rental of a property. We offer you a living environment that will allow you to feel good in Israel…0.0..……0….1..gws-wiz._B3MHRJ5WnI


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