Why you should use Immo-kesher

The reasons why you should use my services!

How does IMMO KESHER work differently from most other real estate agencies?

As you may know, most sales in the real estate industry today are made online. It is therefore important that you entrust your property for sale or for rent to those who are fully conversant with the digital tool. It is no longer enough to put a sign on the property and a single advertisement on a real estate site as important as it is today. More needs to be done ..

In this area, we offer our customers to find using these techniques either the property they are looking for, or the property you wish to rent or sell. We have expertise in natural referencing, this allows us to position your property well.

We are used to developing various marketing campaigns via the following media: billboards, newspapers, social networks, sms campaign and more, we cannot reveal everything.

I acquired all of his skills during my position as sales manager at Intelligent Solutions, a company specializing in the development of IT solutions. During this function, I acquired this knowledge and experience in business development, digital marketing, telephone marketing, or via emails, distance selling etc. It is this long commercial experience of several decades that I propose to put at your disposal either for the sale or for the purchase of real estate.



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